Ozz - marionette according to a photo

This is our favourite Oss Oss

1190 USD plus frais d'envoi
  • Taille: 50 cm
  • Poids: 2 kg
foto: Ozz - marionette according to a photo
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How it works.

1) The best is to take technical pictures of a person as described here https://www.czechmarionettes.com/en/How-to-shoot-technical-photos-realistic-modeling. If you are not able to take them no worries. Send us as many pictures of the person as possible :-)
2) Let us know anything you would like to bring out of the person features or personality wise. 
3) Choose what they should wear
4) We will send you a 3D model of a head and body for confirmation
5) Done. After we create, paint, assemble and dress it, your marionette is ready to ship.


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