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2016-12-27 10:48:03

Would you like to get a free marionette?

Do you like our Schoolmates wooden marionettes? Would like to have them home? We prepared this special contest for you. 
The winner will receive one schoolmate marionette according one’s own choice. Take a picture of your puppet getting ready for the Christmas time and send the picture to Once we upload the photo on our FaceBook page, you will receive an email from us and than you just ask your friends to help you win. How? The photo with most likes wins.


Easy, right? So don’t hesitate and compete with us! Take the picture, post it, share it and than you can be looking forward to the final results.


The competition will end on the first Advent Sunday in the noon of the Central European Time. we will contact you via FaceBook the next day and we will arrange the details about your choice of the puppet, the shipping address and other details.


Facebook is not the organiser, co-organizer or sponsor.

Alfred is a little bit shy, but once he gets to know you better, he will show you that he can get cheeky and kind of wild. Well, he’s a boy!

Dino is such a cool guy. He always calms down any fight that his friends get into. This boy has a big heart indeed!

Pepe is the joker! Everbody loves his ideas and he easily gets into any funny situation. He simply loves to make his friends laugh.

Justyna is the only girl in this group. She’s a bit bossy, but she has a huge charm and she wins favour with everybody.