Soft touch of tenderness

Elegance and delicacy...that’s what’s decribing these marionettes the best. The soft touch of female hand is apparent in the fine carving, detailed painting and the choice of clothing. Absolutely brilliant work with the paintbrush makes them even more unique. This is how these puppets are coming to life. Like the ballerina - a lovely girl who’s following her dream to become a real theatre dancer. Or Melancholic Pierot. The guy who will make you laugh and cry at the same time. You will fall in love with these pieces of art right away. They really worth your attention.

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Xenie Axamitová started her carrier as a puppeteer by coincidence…as the most of the things in her life. She was lucky! Together with her friend she started working in studio ‘’Bratři v triku." And that’s where she found her love for marionettes. After that she never wanted to change her profession. Since Xenie started creating her own puppets, her career is constantly growing bigger. For example, we can see her marionettes in a musical Robin de Bois in Paris. Right know, we can find her puppets in many theatres, street performances or they are at people’s living rooms, walls or among other marionette’s collections, because they’re bringing the beauty of handmade unique art.

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