2018-11-21 13:10:54

To create 20 Marrionetts in 14 days in India

Starring Amitab Bachhan.

In the middle of summer Bollywood Rising Sun Production approched us to create almost two dozens of custom made puppets for Indian Tata Sky TV.  We were waiting to get more details with enthusiams.

Marionettes express

The main star refused to shave... and that’s how we got to this project. The solution from Indian production was very creative. They called us. Czech Marionettes will stunt double the real actors. The task was to create 12 original puppets and another 10 puppets adjust according to their requiremets. 


After preliminary agreement, we flew all the way to India to meet the client and work on details and our future cooperation. The face of this TV is a very famous Bollywood actor Sir Amithab Bachchan. Six of our puppets had the honour to play his role.

We’ve got all the manufacture details in India – sketches, clothing requiremets and the deadline. All the marionettes have to be ready in two weeks only!



The production itself was a result of the specialists team work and a pure human’s work as well. After our client’s consent, we designed and created the technical drawings containing many movement specifics for each character. Muscle bodies of the wrestlers, perfect proportions for female bodies, smooth hips movements of the dancers. After all this, we could start the 3D modelling and the actual manufacture.

Each puppet starts coming to life piece by piece and each body part has to go through the hands of people brushing the surface to make it ready for the final painting. We had about 300 of components. Once we had all the parts finished up, we had to put them together and built up each character. All the puppets got through the hands of painters, hair makers and tailors. Luckily, the weather was really nice in Prague, and we could spend most of the time working outside. 


Inseparable part of this project was the daily communication with our client to make sure everything goes according to our plan.

Two weeks passed and we got everything done. More than twenty people was working whole days, sometimes even nights. At the end, three puppeteers are leaving to Indian and they’re bring the final marionettes with them.


We arrived to Mumbai three days before the actual commercial shooting. First important thing to do is to put the puppets on strings. It takes lots of exact measuring according to the height of the construction for puppeteers. And than comes the rehearsing, screenplay reading and first working and the screen test.

The shooting was under the way with the Indian calmness and the whole team was very helpful the entire time. The atmosphere was very nice and smooth, which was quite pleasant. Also, the hospitality of the Indian production was simply amazing. 

Work done!

 The commercial is finished, adjusted and realised to the world. Over one million views on Youtube during one week only! This is the best proof for CzechMarionettes, that our work has the best quoality and popularity. We don’t have to be ashamed for our piece of work in teh country where marionettes have such a deep tradition.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank Indian Rising Sun production. Especially toTushar, Suhas, Supria, Shoojit Sircar and Sir Amitabh Bachchan, that he didn’t agree to shave his beard. :-)

Are you planning project like this? Contact us on gabriela@czechmarionettes.com and we could help you with production.