Marionettes for the little ones

For the youngest lovers of marionettes we have this special collection of these basic puppets. Every child likes to listen to the stories and fairy tales. Boys or girls - they all like to draw the pictures of cartoon characters and they like to play it even more. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of these characters at home? With these puppets you can conjure up this magic atmosphere wherever you want. Take your time and see for yourself. It’s only up to you if you let your children become the Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, King, Queen, Princess, Magician, Witch or Dragon…Enjoy!

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Marionettes for the little ones are the perfect choice for the very beginners. They are very resistant, which means even three years old can play with them. They’re made from wood and they are easy to operate because of the rod and only four attached strings.

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