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Marionettes for all are simple figurines that allow the basic range of motion and they are easy to operate. Everybody appreciates the beauty of handmade Czech Marionettes and the very precise and detailed work.

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Marionettes generally are just one of the many types of puppets. It means that you make it move by operating the controler attached to the marionette by strings.

These marionettes are not suitable for professional playing, but you can definitely make them move in many cool ways. Everybody can learn how to operate these dolls. All of our marionettes are handmade and each product may slightly differ from the original photos. It also means that you’ll always have absolutely unique lifetime friend.

Absolutely unique gift that will please the adults just as the little ones.
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Cartoon Marionettes55 itemsCartoon Marionettes are one of the most popular products. Childer love them for their big eyes and friendly characters. They will never become just a figurines from the shop window. Cartoon marionettes are always ready to entertain, love and keep the lifetime friendship alive. Each creature has its own little story. Let’s take a closer look and discover their secrets. Don’t be afraid to be curious! ANY - Universal Training Marionettes5 itemsANY is a professional training puppet which can turn to any character. Available assembled or as a DIY KIT. Includes learning videos.Royal Court12 itemsCeramic Animal Circus7 itemsCircus is an amazing place full of colours and magic. But who can actually tell to have the circus at home? And full of colourful animals! These creatures will become your lifetime friends. The Cat is very skillful and everybody comes to her when some advice or help is needed. The Mouse is a natural born comedian. She loves to make people laugh and she will balance on a rope or juggle with a lighted torches just to bring a smile to your face. The Dragon is an experienced acrobat and he’s the leader of this whole group. Just like the lion is the king of animal world, our Dragon is clearly the leader of this Animal Circus. The last member is the Bird and he’s an amazing singer! Street Rascals5 itemsYou can meet them on the street, in the subway or the shopping mall. They are the real street performers and they never get tired. They just want to entertain you and make you laugh. These guys love to dance and sing. Can you hear the bones rattling? That’s the sound of our Bonnies dancing in the rhythm of swing or perhaps rock’n’roll. And the show can begin! You still don’t know them? Meet the coolest skeletons - The Bonnies!Marionettes for the little ones30 itemsFor the youngest lovers of marionettes we have this special collection of these basic puppets. Every child likes to listen to the stories and fairy tales. Boys or girls - they all like to draw the pictures of cartoon characters and they like to play it even more. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of these characters at home? With these puppets you can conjure up this magic atmosphere wherever you want. Take your time and see for yourself. It’s only up to you if you let your children become the Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, King, Queen, Princess, Magician, Witch or Dragon…Enjoy!1+1=1 pup8 itemsHello, hello, hello! Welcome our wooden friends - The schoolmates and rascals! This bunch of four hand carved marionettes will always make you cry. Each character is different, but they create group of lifetime mates. These little rascals often get into some adventures, but they always find an elegant solution for every situation. Our Schoolmates look the best when they’re all together, but if you fell only for one character, we’re sure, he will make you a great company as well! Home Gnoms Marionettes8 itemsThese cute home gnoms will always protect you from all kinds of traps and danger. They love to help, but it’s also possible they muddle something up once a while. Have you ever experienced that you couldn’t find the thing lying right in front of your nose? Or that you can never find the matching sock? That’s the work of these little gnoms! Bit don’t think you’re doing it on purpose! They are just little confused once a while, but they’re always trying to help. They don’t know what anger is and they never do anything with a bad intention. Just don’t be mean to them, because in that case, they might pay you back! Once you show them love, they will always love you back!Marionettes from Palace20 itemsRoyal court or palace is a place full of interesting things indeed. Now we have a chance to look underneath these things with our aristocratis marionettes.
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