Live Statues

Sensuality, elegance, love, diligence, art ..... these words and many more simply descripe the work of this special artist. Among his best pieces belongs the bulls marionettes. Absolutely unique masterpieces with a special ablity to blow a smoke out of their nostrils. When you’re looking at these majestic creatures, you will get the feeling like they were a real animals. And that’s excatly how it is with all the marionettes created by this artist. Each masterpiece is an original artwork and we’re sure you’ll find your darling puppet here.

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Young and talented. These words perfectly describe Mr.Václav Krčál jr.. He studied at AVU the profession of sculpturing and it is very apparent he loves what he´s doing. His marionettes are like a small pieces of art and we´re just waiting for the right hands to bring them to life.


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