Kingdom of Czech Marionettes

Life is beautiful in our kingdom and there is room for everyone! The main marionettes are the members of the Royal Family. The king is wise and people love him for his kindness, his wife the queen is beautiful and always fair. The two princesses are the sweethearts of the family. Besides princesses, there is also a prince! A very charming and brave young man he is too. The two musketeers are always ready to fight for their lady loves! But they always return weiry and eager to taste some of the great food made by the royal chef and spend some fun times with the jesters and clowns.

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These marionettes are a little more delicate. They’re heads and hands are plaster cast and they’re all hand painted afterwards. Their bodies are hand carved from wood, so the construction is strong enough to handle some playing.


Kingdom of Czech Marionettes







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