Home Gnoms Marionettes

These cute home gnoms will always protect you from all kinds of traps and danger. They love to help, but it’s also possible they muddle something up once a while. Have you ever experienced that you couldn’t find the thing lying right in front of your nose? Or that you can never find the matching sock? That’s the work of these little gnoms! Bit don’t think you’re doing it on purpose! They are just little confused once a while, but they’re always trying to help. They don’t know what anger is and they never do anything with a bad intention. Just don’t be mean to them, because in that case, they might pay you back! Once you show them love, they will always love you back!

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  • Home Gnoms fragile creatures. Their bodies are hand carved from wood, but their hands and heads are plaster cast. These marionettes are being made with love and care, each of them is hand painted and their super cute outfits are hand sewn as well.

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