Hand crafted Artwork

Big eyes, expressive traits, amazing clothing. These are the features of a very precise hand carved wooden marionettes. You will never get bored with these characters. We’re bringing you the most famous vampire Nosferatu, Frankenstein Monster, super lifelike Bulldog or this cuddly cat. It’s only up to you which puppet you’ll choose to speak to you the most. This wide selection is the proof that our artist Mr. Krčál is a very experienced and skillful master of his craft.

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Mr. Václav Krčál started his career as an amateur. His talent was discovered by one Prague theatre (these days called Minor), which gave him an employment. He became an experienced wood carver - pupeteer and started cooperation with our top artists as Pavel Kalfus or Nori Sawa. After 1993, Václav Krčál decided to start his own carrier as a marionette hand carver. It was a great step for him and now we can enjoy all these beautiful pieces of art among our collection.

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