We are a group of puppeteers who are thrilled to make your idea come true.

We are oriented on marionettes (puppets on strings) and lately also on mannequin puppets (operated from behind).
We are mastering the technique of hand carving and especially for a professional use modern technique of 3D printing.

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As always, we would like to remind you that we have workshop capabilities to create a special custom made marionettes matching your demands. We usually make marionettes as an individual character, promotional gift or for movies or commercials.

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Bespoke Puppets17 itemsWe are the only country where you can study puppetry at a high school and then at the university. Some of us has studied sculpturing and painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Together we are thrilled to make your dream come true at the artistic level.Portrait marionettes according to a photo9 itemsWe are able to create a custom marionette according to a person.
Such a unique statue – marionette is lifetime value. Some of you will be lucky to get it as a present. Size of a puppet is around 60 cm (23 inches).

Production takes 4 to 6 weeks. Cost is 790 USD for molded of resin marionette and 1990 USD for hand carved one.

Do not hesitate to contact us on
lovers.of@czechmarionettes.comProfessional puppets for theatres, film, and ads11 itemsWe are flexible and fast to make your project done. We have global experience with creating and operating puppets.

A process of production is:
1) designing idea (sketches, drawings)
2) technological drawings (designed movements to your needs)
3) 3Dmodeling for visualization approval
4) producing physical parts and assembling
5) painting and costuming
6) balancing movements
7) expedition and logistics

Time and pricing
Standard production time is 6 weeks. We are able to break it down to 10 days in extreme cases. Cutting down time highers a price. Average price for professional custom puppet is 1500 USD.
Custom small serie production of puppets 1 itemOur manufactory is ready to produce marionettes puppets for your need. We usually produce small batch series of amateur puppets for theaters, retail stores or as a company gift.

You can choose from many techniques and materials as you can see below.

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