Become a puppeteer easy and fast with ANY

Would you like to learn how to play with marionettes? ANY can do it and it will show you how!

Universal training puppet- ANY – has prepared an unique video course for you. You can purchase these video series separately or you´ll get them free if you buy ANY.

What can you be expecting from this learning course?

Become a puppeteer easy and fast

Your guide for this course is an exellent puppeteer Blanka Josephova Luňáková. She will show and explain everything you need to know to be able to play with your puppet. If you´ll purchase our ANY, your playing will go smoothly in no time.

How to string the marionette

ANY will teach you how to put your marionette on strings. It´s great that you can use this skill to any kind of marionette having this type of controller. Moreover, our ANY will explain to you why and how to string some particular parts of your marionette and what would have had happend, if we did it in a different way.


How to move the marionette

Walking, running and sitting down are the most basic movements your marionette should be able to do. ANY will teach you which strings to pull to make the marionette walk or run naturally, ANY will also shou you how to sit down on a bench or jump up on some higher object.

Advanced movements

If you want your marionette to be able to make even different kind of movements like walking backwards, kicking or crawling, ANY will show you how! It´s not any science, you just have to learn to put on some extra strings... And because ANY can be whoever you want it to be, it will show you some movements you can use while playing another characters.

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