Art Marionettes are the best selection of the puppets that are unique and very special in every possible way. Each creation is an original detailed piece of artwork. Art Marionettes will make a wonderful adornment for you collection and they will bring the joy and beauty into your home. Lifetime figurines that age like a wine...

Live Statues7 itemsPrecision and humility to arts and craft. These words perfectly describe Václav Krčál Jr... Václav studied sculpturing at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and it is very apparent he loves what he´s doing. Small details involved in his hand carving are unbelievable and reminds us the accuracy of old masters. We have to also point out his perfect sense for anatomy. Each masterpiece is an original artwork and we’re sure you’ll find your bespoke puppet here. You can also contact us to design a custom piece just for you.Hand crafted Artwork23 itemsBig eyes, expressive traits, amazing clothing. These are the features of a very precise hand carved wooden marionettes. You will never get bored with these characters. We’re bringing you the most famous vampire Nosferatu, Frankenstein Monster, super lifelike Bulldog or this cuddly cat. It’s only up to you which puppet you’ll choose to speak to you the most. This wide selection is the proof that our artist Mr. Krčál is a very experienced and skillful master of his craft.Soft touch of tenderness5 itemsElegance and delicacy...that’s what’s decribing these marionettes the best. The soft touch of female hand is apparent in the fine carving, detailed painting and the choice of clothing. Absolutely brilliant work with the paintbrush makes them even more unique. This is how these puppets are coming to life. Like the ballerina - a lovely girl who’s following her dream to become a real theatre dancer. Or Melancholic Pierot. The guy who will make you laugh and cry at the same time. You will fall in love with these pieces of art right away. They really worth your attention.From the Other Side10 itemsMeet the coolest group of dead marionettes ever! Wooden handmade puppets from the other side will get under your skin right away. Gentleman, Jack, Francis and Norbert are the best friends and you’ll never get bored with them! Life after death can be fun and these creatures are the proof of it. Each character has its own story and they’ll be happy to share it with you. Discover the beauty of wooden handmade puppets. These marionettes are carefully hand carved and hand painted and they will please all fans of unique art. Dark and creepy, but also beautiful and magical. It’s only up to you if you create family or lifetime friends from them. Let them be your best company.Anarchy4 itemsMarionettes that are always deviating from the mainstream. These puppets have life full of adventures. Come closer and look underneath...Unique Marionettes14 itemsBeautiful and precise work with wood, perfect machining, joining arts and crafts. Look what you can master puppeteers.Everlasting Classics16 itemsImagine classic Czech Marionette. Perfectly balanced, easy to play with puppet, original artwork hand carved from a lime wood. You can bang with your toy while playing, and it’s not going to get wrecked. It’s actually the other way around! More emotions you give into your puppet, more special it becomes and it will be written in its face for the rest of the life. This collection is put together from such a classic characters like Pinocchio or Jester. But these rascals are not the only ’’jokers’’ in this group. You can meet Pierrot and Fritz, which became the best friends. They are such a mates, that they even wear similar outfits…and they love to prank people. So watch out! But the most funny guy is Amadeus. Musical genius with the loudest laugh you’ve ever heard…seriously!
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