Ceramic Animal Circus

The circus is an amazing place full of colours and magic. But who can say they have a circus at home? And full of such colourful animals! These creatures will become your lifetime friends. The Cat is very skillful and everybody comes to her when some advice or help is needed. The Mouse is a natural born comedian. She loves to make people laugh and she will balance on a rope or juggle with lit torches just to bring a smile to your face. The Dragon is an experienced acrobat and he’s the leader of this whole troupe. Just as the lion is king of the animal world, our Dragon is clearly the leader of this Animal Circus. Finally there is The Bird who is a marvellous singer!

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These circus puppets are made from ceramic and hand painted afterwards. You can also see the detail in the fur and feathers. Each marionette is an unique piece of artwork and you can choose the colour according to your own choice. Just let us know!









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