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2018-08-13 13:07:05

How to shoot a technical photos for a realistic modeling of a marionette puppet

As we are often modeling heads according to a picture (hand carving, clay/resin or 3Dmodeling) it is very important for the artists to have a good material to study the face lines.  It’s easy but you need to follow certain rules.

Let’s do it!


1) You will take six picures - 1x front, 2x 45°, 2x profile, 1x back - profile and anfas (front) photos have to be perfectly straight.

2) Do not make any expresion. Just relax. 

3) Focus on the body and the head - so the resolution of the pictures is as much as high as possible. Do not take a picture of the head only, because it may distort the proportions.


Done! Now we can start to create a custom made marionette!