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Timeless Classics

Imagine a classic Czech Marionette if you will....... A perfectly balanced original piece of art, hand carved from lime wood, a puppet that is so easy to play with. You can play roughly with your puppet and you won't wreck it. Actually it's the other way round! The more emotion you give to your puppet, the more special it becomes and it will be written on its face forever. This collection is made up of classic characters such as Pinocchio or Jester, but these rascals are not the only "jokers" in the group. You can meet Pierrot and Fritz who have become the best of friends. They are such good mates that they even wear similar outfits…and they love to prank people. So watch out! The funniest guy of all is Amadeus, the musical genius with the loudest laugh you’ve ever heard…seriously!

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They say that every marionette artist creates the marionette based on his own appearance. This is true of Jaroslav Slavík. Chubby nose, friendly eyes and the hands of an artist, all these attributes are clearly visible.  Mr. Slavík didn't start his working life as a wood. carver.   He firstly worked as an engine driver and then as a miner.  He had to cease work as he was injured in the mine and could no longer do any physically demanding jobs.  So he started carving marionettes as it had always been a hobby of his.  The first marionette he made was sold immediately which is no surprise.  These pieces of art are very special.  This artist finds maths fascinating. To be able to balance the puppet, find the centre of gravity and attach strings in a perfect way are all skills which are very apparent when you see his work.


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The most popular marionettes(52) 5 USD – 1290 USDPerformance marionettes(9) 139 USD – 1290 USDReady made(250) 5 USD – 2475 USDParts for makers & DIY Kits(18) 2 USD – 895 USD

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